Draping and Projection

I experimented draping with fabrics that reminded me of my theme such a forest green satin, worn out gold lame fabric, emerald faux leather and royal blue flower embossed velvet. I gained a lot of ideas from the draping and could see different silhouettes coming to life it helped me to understand how I can work my colours together so that they look cohesive and not misplaced. At first the I didn’t understand how draping and projection would look together but I had an open mind and tried with 10 of my best primary images. Some had filters added on, one was a print and the rest were all original. The projection worked so well it give me lots of ideas for shapes, print placement, and what is working the best colour wise.

I used a digital camera SLR camera to take these photographs. I learnt a lot about how different components can affect the quality such as for a Rawr file you can only take 100 photographs as it is for better quality images. When you zoom in you can lose quality so it works better to actually get closer to the object/person you’re photographing. The higher the number the less light can get in but you can use auto program which does everything for you. f2.8 lets more light in and more shallow you can also change depth of field. Macro photography is best for close up detail which is perfect for jewellery. Originally, it was developed for more botanical elements such as flowers. There are shortcuts such as picking your focus and going into settings to shallow depth of field. There is also Aperture which you an focus on a certain area and there is also shutter speed which captures moments.

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Missoni Project Proposal

Rationale and Context

I am going to be designing a womenswear mini collection for FAD X Missoni Winter 2018. I have selected this project as I want to go into Fashion Design after I have completed my degree, I feel this project will enable me to develop my research and design skills. I am also designing for a brand that I wouldn’t usually pick which will be a challenge. I could face this problem in industry if I were to design for a client/brand which is not my taste. It will teach me how to merge my ideas yet keep the brand at heart.

Development and Realisation

I want to focus on the technology aspect of the project and then will combine it with culture. I have firstly started with a mind map to generate ideas I will then develop it to look for primary and secondary research options. I want to use a variety of research rather than flat digital images I want to go on excursions to the museums, gather found objects related to technology and also look for books. I have looked at two trends for A/W 17/18 entitled ‘Infusion’ and ‘The Great Reset’ I will use these trends to inform my research/design and influence my ideas. These trends focus on technology and the future I think this is now becoming important to be aware of in fashion which is why I want to focus on it. For the culture aspect of my project I am looking at two art movements suggested by the FAD which are Art Progammata and Concrete art, Art Progammata is most a lot of warped lines  that can create dimension and Missoni use a lot of lines in their designs such as their most well know ‘Missoni zig zag’. Concrete art is abstract and has no symbolic meaning as other art movements do this also reminds again of shape but also colour. My work will mostly be gathered and presented in a sketchbook where I will explore drawing found objects in various angles, creating fabric samples and draping. Missoni uses a lot of knitwear but unfortunately I cannot knit so I was interested in cutting up and weaving knit fabrics and yarns together to create my own fabric.  I will also look at Missoni, create mood boards of their previous collections, research in to what inspires them and how I can use that to influence my ideas.

Evaluation and Progression

I will blog about my project so that I can evaluate my work every week. I will evaluate what I’ve done and what I’m going to do to develop and progress critiquing myself will make my work much stronger by constantly questioning and thinking about my work. I will also ask my peers to critique my work each week to see what they think and how they think I could improve or if they could give me ideas of research or deigns. I will also continuously annotate my work in my sketchbook each time to understand what worked and what didn’t.


Rococo Art Movement

At first I thought my theme was more inspired by the Baroque art movement but I saw that Rococo was a related movement after seeing the images of what it was I felt this suited my theme and was what I wanted for my collection. I found out that Rococo was a later version of Baroque.

The Rococo art movement was fashionable from about 1730 to 1770 it was used mostly in ceramics, furniture and silver. Motifs such as broken rocks and shells, natural motifs such as flowers, curved lines that form C and S shapes, The acanthus leaf, Rocaille which can be frilly carving or look like a kind of water or eroded rock. Rococo style was also often unsymmetrical.

Figuring out that Rococo was related to what I had been photographing in the town hall helped me to develop and have more confidence in my work and research. It helped me understand the movement and research  more to know what silhouettes I could design and how I could also develop fabric samples and my sketchbook pages.

Examples I found of Rococo used in Liverpool Town hall.


The Baroque Art Movement

A lot of the primary images I have found have been similar to the images created from this art movement. It would be interesting to create illustrations and photo shoots inspired by the paintings.

“Baroque Art emerged in Europe around 1600, as an reaction against the intricate and formulaic Mannerist style which dominated the Late Renaissance. Baroque Art is less complex, more realistic and more emotionally affecting than Mannerism.

This movement was encouraged by the Catholic Church, the most important patron of the arts at that time, as a return to tradition and spirituality.”

I don’t find that baroque is relating a lot with my work too much looking back as it is more about emotion and not as much about the design and key detail of the luxury I feel it looks more to do with the poverty of the century.


Image result for Baroque Art



Image result for Baroque Art




Project Proposal for Decadent Drama Collection

Project Proposal

When I started my summer research my first few ideas were castles and churches, I wanted to go down a Gothic route but since developing my primary research I found I wanted to look more at Queen Elizabeth the 1st and the opulence of that era. Since developing my research I feel I have now explored a topic which is more of an interest to me and something I can be passionate about. My aims for my research are to evaluate the lifestyle of the monarch of this era to inform and influence my designs. So I have looked at old portraits, regal buildings; such as Liverpool Town Hall, and I have also looked at Conwy Castle. This research has given me a clear idea of the luxury and the decadence of the time. I want to keep my blog up-to-date with my designs and evaluate each week what I have done, what I am going to do and how will this inform my work. I have plenty of fabric samples yet I want to keep my options open by trying to find unusual textured fabrics, and I also want to create my own prints to be put on fabric. I want to explore laser cutting as I can develop laser cutting ideas from my primary research such as the Baroque patterns. I am going to explore trends to relate my work too so that my collection is on trend. The master I have picked to look at is Marc Jacobs as he is the master of mood. His work evokes glamour, romance and luxury which is what I want to reflect in my work.

To experiment and express my vision I am going to use drawing to capture the detail of the architecture and design in my images. I enjoy draping as it gives me inspiration for silhouettes so I want this to be conveyed in my sketchbook as much as possible. I have used ink before and revel in the movement of this medium I will be using this mixed with fine liner to bring my designs to life as it is vibrant. The colours are strong and bold like my collection concept. I want to incorporate photography within my work to help communicate concept/vision. I have a whole array of fabric techniques I want to use to dress my garment silhouettes such as laser cutting, fabric manipulation such as embellishment, and both digital and traditional fabric printing.

My ideas will be evaluated via my blog I will participate in group/peer reviews and critiques to gain a more objective opinion on concept and design development. I want to have 1:1 tutorials to see where I am at and how I can develop my ideas to make them stronger.

My collection is Decadent Drama, inspired by the opulent lifestyle of the Elizabethan monarch, using jewel tones and fabric manipulation.


Master of Mood: Marc Jacobs

I have picked to look at is Marc Jacobs as he is the master of mood. His work evokes glamour, romance and luxury which is what I want to reflect in my work. Marc’s designs are eccentric, feminine and full of attitude his inspiration is usually theatrical such as his A/W 2013 collection was inspired by the Wizard of Oz.  He has also said he is inspired but Miuccia Prada for their mood which I think its quite ironic he has done really well to portray his influence with this.

” I think Miuccia Prada created an aesthetic that, to me, is so rife with references to other great works…There’s an eccentricity but there’s also a chic old world sophistication…There’s a sex appeal that’s kind of naïve. It’s all the things I love.”- Marc Jacobs (http://www.vogue.co.uk/article/marc-jacobs-style-inspiration-and-young-designers)

Marc is also inspired by people and what they’re going to wear. I want my collection to be wearable but still with the element of luxury and couture like a lot of his collections as I want it to stand out and really embody the idea of luxe and opulence of the Monarchs in the 15th century . I am intrigued by his theatrical influence when it comes to designing as my work is sometimes too costume focused. I am inspired by garments that are dramatic in their shape, silhouette and how the overall look contributes to reflect someones personality .He is inspired my Prada’s naive sex-appeal which is something I aim to incorporate into my designs as I want them to be sophisticated but with an element of sex appeal; as that’s how I want the wearer to feel.


screenshoty.pngMarc Jacobs Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos - Vogue: Pin for Later: Marc Jacobs's Autumn/Winter '16 Was Made For the Drama Queen in…:

Pin for Later: Marc Jacobs's Autumn/Winter '16 Was Made For the Drama Queen in…Pin for Later: Marc Jacobs's Autumn/Winter '16 Was Made For the Drama Queen in…:

Images sourced on: https://uk.pinterest.com/lmakrigannis/master-marc-jacobs/


Definition of Opulence

noun: opulence; plural noun: opulences
  1. great wealth or luxuriousness.
    “rooms of spectacular opulence
    luxuriousness, sumptuousness, lavishness, richness, lushness, luxury, luxuriance,splendour, magnificence, grandeur, splendidness, grandiosity, costliness, fanciness;
     I wanted to find the meaning of Opulence and keywords. This

Designers Who Have Been Inspired by Royalty

Alexander McQueen for the 2008 Autumn collection names ‘Long Live The King’


I think this collection has interesting features such as the military jacket very wearable, and you can see the strong royal inspiration that has been used but I feel I would want my collection to be high end like this collection but I want it to be quite modern with dark/Gothic influences to really make my collection stand out compared to those who have followed this theme.These shapes are not as wearable and I want mine to be evening wear that slightly sits at the line of wearable couture.  The necklines are fun and unique I would want to develop some of these in my work but change the rest of the silhouette to something more contemporary.

Karen Fuke, Head designer Triton was inspired by the Monarch in 2009.


Again with this one I can see the strong influence the monarch has had on the collection but I personally I think the first two outfits seem like they’re from a completely different collection than the dress in the last picture. This is because the first two have been inspired but are more wearable and have slight hints such as the military jacket with the badges and the horse riding trousers in the first image.  The colours are red, white, and navy which are all colours of the British flag, they work well together and although gold is one of my favourite colours I feel it hasn’t been used appropriately in the dress it looks cheap and does not work well with the style of dress. It has been used much better in the scarf and the details in the first few outfits as gold is a stand out colour it needs to be used more in detail rather then in big patches, I will be using the gold for mine in prints and small details to add opulence but not cheapen the look like how it has been done on the 3rd image.The shape of the dress however is more appealing as you can understand what the designer has been inspired by yet it is not clear with the first two pictures as the garments are boring and look like they could be have been inspired by anything, the miltary jacket with the jeans looks too casual yet the dress is evening wear.

I think one on the next biggest designers inspired by royalty and religion is Dolce and Gabanna.


You can always clearly see that Dolce and Gabbana have been inspired by royalty and religion as its so obvious. The colours and embellishments are similar to what I want to achieve for my collection but I want different silhouettes such as long line jackets, trousers and pieces that fit with the modern day women but I also want something a little bit more Gothic than this.The dress has a lot of religious connotations and I find the use of the motif in a circle of a straight shirt dress very interesting as it creates an abstract look the attracts you to the motif, it reminds me of a picture frame.

Royal Fever | Top 10 Royalty Inspired Fashion Moments

Why Did They Wear That?-2


“Tudor England is famous for its beautiful and ornate clothing, particularly during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.”

Clothes were a means of displaying how wealthy a person was. Rich people could afford clothing made of fine wool, linen or silk. Their clothes were decorated with jewels and embroidered with gold thread.

They cared just as much about fashion as we do now it was all about making a statement as showing how wealthy they were. Rich people wore wool, linen and silk and their garments were also adorned with jewels and embroidery. One of the biggest trends of this period was wearing a ruff as this was another statement again or wealth, a ruff was usually a piece of gathered lace worn around the neck.

I just want to focus on the wealth of the monarch of the time and their opulent lifestyle as I feel the poor VS the rich is disgusted and used to much. I just want to concertrate on their jewels and garments as it is something I am more drawn to the jewel tones and extragenze as I like to design garments that are more luxiourous and mnore suited to evening wear but would like to modernise my looks to fit a contempory women.