Staff Roles

Martyn- Company Graphic Designer and I.T. Technologist

Martyn is person the customer talks too when it comes to handling artwork from designing and digitizing brands and logos and making them fit for screen printing and embroidering.

Amy-  Accounts and office Administrator

Amy is the first point of contact for the customer she deals with all the quotes and orders placed, all finances incoming and out going, stock and dispatch goods in and out.

 Graham and Dean- Screen Printers

The day of the screen printers entails completing the orders on time for their screen printing jobs which could be the printing of t shirts, sweatshirts and most other clothing. They also do a lot of printing for the Tourist industry in Liverpool including the Cavern Club. They also prepare and clean the screens.

Ian- Embroider

Ian’s job consists of mainly embroidering logos, brand names and designs onto customers orders which could be orders from dance schools, sports clubs such as MMA and also small business owners with their own brands. He also cleans the screens for the screen printers and does a lot of packing and folding too.

Steven and Paula- Company Directors

The company directors look after stock control, do local deliveries of orders to customers, if requested by the customer. In charge of finance and working out staff hours/wages to send to accountant. Oversees and finalize everything.

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