Workplace and Implementation

The premises is quite small, but there is the required space for the activities that new to be carried out. There are  number of rooms there is the reception area which is the first place you see when you walk in, two toilets, the largest room which is the printing and packing room, there is the stock room, the sewing/ embroidery room, office room upstairs and landing that is spread around half of the largest room which contains some stock and screen making facilities and the dark room. There is also the kitchen.

Silk Screen Printing Machines( to print on t-shirts, bags, and other garments)

Industrial Sewing Machine, (to sew on company labels, repair garments)

Embroidery Machine, (embroider logos/names onto company garments, caps and school/workplace clothing)

Heat Press,( to iron on cad cut film logos, names on to clothing and bags.)

CAD Cut printer( print outs design from computer onto cad cut film which is then heat pressed on to a garment)

Conveyor(to dry the screen print ink on the garments/bags)

Photoshop and Illustrator ( used to create graphics for garments/items, create stickers, labels, cad cut images)

Label printing machine( used to print labels with garment size information to stick onto bags.)

Health and Safety:

They have public liability, insurance, fire exits, safety rules and regulations placed on the walls and machinery, needle guard on the sewing machine, barriers by screen print machines.






Impressions abide to all these legal health and safety regulations as they provide toilets and cleaning facilities, have full insurance and legal details. They are clear visible fire exits and extinguishers. The sewing machine I use has a needle guard, all print machines have standing guards so you don’t get hit by the machine when it is rotating and the convener has a safety belt so your hair can not get caught. There is also a first aid box available which contains the important items that you would possibly need for a minor injury.

Found on:

Health and Safety Hazards:

There were not a lot of health and safety hazards I spotted the only hazards I found were is that there isn’t a lot of space so the boxes of orders are all over the place, as the stock room is also small. There are also open paint pots and the conveyor used to dry the garments screen print is of a very high temperature and you have to be very carefully when handing garments which have just come off the converter this could be resolved with heat resistant gloves/mitts.


This is the workplace layout.

Building layout

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