Week 4 of Placement

This week I worked 4 days for 5 hours each day. On my fourth week I got to work on something different. I enjoyed working on Olive and Franks clothing as it is a independent designer whose done so well and is getting even more success day by day its very inspiring for me and fantastic to add to that journey. It was fun working with different styles of garments such as the army jackets and sweatshirts, I also enjoyed working on the bags. I think working on this label really taught be a lot about branding and how the little details such as the logo label sewn onto the handle of the printed quote bags to give them a unique touch. I think it’s very important to show your brand off as much as possible to make it more familiar such as Adidas and Nike do. Adding your logos on your range also increases more followers and possible customers as people can see it and easily search and find you. I can use this for my collection branding and try fit it in to suit my theme as I do find hem tags suit casual and sporty brands more so I would like to incorporate this idea but to my collection theme Decadent Drama. I can also use this idea when I go to University and when I’ve graduated too. I am also deciding lately what I want to do in the future and one of my ideas was that I was thinking off starting my own brand designing but sending designs off to get made rather than constructing them myself, so researching into her brand helps me towards making my decision.

I found the hem tags quite tricky to sew when I first started as they are like binding so you can also see the front side of the tag but you need to make sure the back is aligned as perfect as possible to meet the front from the other side or the back wont be sewn on to the garment. Once you do it a few times you can estimate it more efficiently of where it is and get them to match perfectly. I do find binding quite tricky in general, again because you cannot see the other side you worry about it not matching or looking messy but this will help me in the future using binding and it also applies to other sewing too such as sewing pieces together or smaller pieces that can be trickier.

As I spent the last day of the week folding, packing, boxing and invoicing as there was no sewing. I didn’t learn too much but I got to practice my skills and improve upon them. I know if I worked in this industry or similar I would need to be able to be  systematic as it is cost effective, makes me more reliable and more employable. I also got answers for all the questions on my sheet and got to ask a few more which really helped as I learned so much about the business and the industry. You don’t get that kind of information just by looking on the internet so its very important getting a first hand insight into a garment business.

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