The Production Chain from Designing and Marketing Final Products and Quality Control

The company gets their inspirations from the customer as they are making to order. The source their materials from wholesales suppliers such as Sol, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan and American Apparel these suppliers are from various countries such as France, the UK, Belgium, Morocco, Egypt and  California.

The company costs its services by how much a tin of paint is, for the silk screen printing machines, deducted by per square metre to get the ink price and the garment price is worked out as follows;

Garment price + VAT + Impressions costing

Garment order numbers are limited to 10-25-50-100+

The company’s designs are produced using oil based silk screen printing they also used vinyl and embroidery. Their designs are produced in house and the only externally sourced suppliers are the digitizers for DST.files for embroidery from Japan.

Quality control is very important to Impressions and they take measures such as lots of test runs, the company graphic designer breaks down the colours using his software on the computer, the printers make screens which they do tests on on scrap garments to check the colours and print is coming out how it should. They use Pantone numbers to make sure that the colours they are using are exactly the colours the customer wants and they also check pigments. They also send customers visuals and get them to check the items before they take them.

I asked my placement provider if money wasn’t an object what would you do to improve Impressions Screen Print LTD. Although they are fast and efficient as they are, technology can make their business more successful and help progress their business in this digital age as they would be able to deal with more customers and larger orders. They only process in which they do not use any technology at all is the very last process of bagging the folded garments as this is quite fussy and time consuming. My placement provider Steven Fisher said that an automatic bagging machine; like they use in America, would help with this but it is very expensive and they don’t have the space for it. This is also why he would like the building to be a lot bigger at the moment his building is 3,300 square feet but he would like a space of 5,000 square feet.

Currently they can only print on fabric items such as t-shirts, caps and bags but a pad printing machine which enables you to print on pens and pencils etc… However he’d need a new staff member to man this but it would bring more customers in which would help grow the business. I think this is a very realistic and possible idea that would work and fit well in the business. Currently they have three screen printing machines he has one which is a 6 head but is currently trying to get a good price for an 8 head one which would make it possible to print more items, finish orders a lot faster and make it easier for staff. His business is right on a industrial site where other business are so they are all on the same bay section. It would massively help to have more space in the back of the building to have a bay loading section, it would make it much quicker to get deliveries as there are usually so many boxes coming and leaving the building.


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