Day 9 of Placement

Today I was working on more Cavern Club T-shirts, I sewn labels onto red Cavern Club t-shirts I did in the first week.


I sewn labels again on to the black Cavern Club tops as there were a lot of these. These two colours took me 3 hours as I had to do sets in every size. The rest of the day I folded and packed these t-shirts. I really had to watch my time management as if I were not organised and efficient I would have not got these tshirts finished on time, they would not be able to deliver them and it would hold back the company and give it a bad reputation as Impressions have a long standing relationship with The Cavern Club are few late deliverys could ruin it. If they got their garments late they wouldn’t be able to stock them when they needed too and could miss out on a sale which could mean that they look for another screen print service.





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