Week 2 of Placement

I worked 4 days and 5 hours each this week. I spent the whole week working on sewing labels and packing for the company Kinsey, for two different brands Garb and Imperial. Kinsey is a big company and supply to a lot of well known events and businesses. I sewn labels into t-shirts and then got to sew labels on to hoodies too. I struggled a bit at first with the hoodies as there was so many and they were so hard to get under the machine and I can pile a few t-shirts by the sewing machine and sew them in a row at one time were the hoodies need to be one at a time. However, I enjoyed doing something different and learning something new I feel this has improved my sewing skills enabling me to sew even quicker and straighter. This will really help me back in college too as I am making my collection this year and need to be able to create my outfits as fast but as well constructed as possible as we need to make a few outfits. I could be working with thick, sturdy materials that are hard to work with and hard to put under the sewing machine so this has helped me be able to do that.

I also found working out the order form was important for me to learn too as this tells me all the information the customer needs to create the final garments. I would need to understand these as if I had my own business I would need to be able to easily identity these and make sure everyone I worked with would understood these too. So it’s fantastic getting the practice in now.

It was a brilliant experience working on garments for such a big company as I knew I had to be reliable and quick to keep up with such a big order and to complete it as fast as I did was extremely rewarding to my self-confidence and more trust was put on to me during the assignment by my placement provider. In industry there will be a lot of tight deadlines which I will need to adhere too if I don’t get used to them now I will struggle in industry and with my own business for example if I were to make a wedding dress and didn’t have it done for the wedding I would most likely not have any orders and receive a bad reputation.


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