Impressions Screen Print LTD- First week

For my first week I was in for 4 days for 5 hours each day. The Cavern Club had put a big order in and I had a lot of t-shirts to sew labels on. I spent the whole week sewing labels and packing the tops for the cavern club. It was a big deadline and I had to work efficiently and well as if I didn’t keep up the order wouldn’t be sent out on time I had to work with other members of staff to make sure that we all completed our jobs on time. I also spent time watching the staff on the embroidery machine and printing and trying to learn and understand. I found it very interesting to learn the methods used in the garment making industry as we have learned about this before when writing our CAD/CAM reports it was good to see it in person as I feel I learn better and understand better that way.

I had to be quick this week as there was a lot to do and as we all work together as one team we all had to make sure that we were doing our job as quickly and neatly as possible. As soon as the tops are picked to the correct amount on order form and then the screen printers will get the screens with the design and print the tops, I am usually the second to last stop as I sew on the labels. I have learnt this week also how the screen printing works, the order of the process, and I can apply my new found knowledge to my work in college as I feel this will help me a lot in our communication and visualization lesson which I struggle with the most as they use a lot of CAD Continue reading “Impressions Screen Print LTD- First week”

Day 4 of Placement

Today I completed the order of Cavern Club t-shirts this time I had a few different colours. I got to practice my sewing skills and changing threads on the machine. I had a few boxes to do and then I had to fold and pack them all. I also folded, and added swing tags to other t-shirts for The Beatles convention, pack them, add stickers, both them up and then invoice them.



Day 3 of Placement

The Cavern Club order has started to decrease but I still have a few boxes to do to complete the order needed for Friday morning. I also spent time looking at the embroider and watching how to do it. I learned that you frame up the requested area by customer, which is on the order form, and add interfacing in between the discs you then select the design from the embroidery machine. Place the framed garment into the machine so that it connects through the slots on the machine, after it is embroidered take off the frame, rip of the interfacing and damp the area around with a cloth to get rid of the chalky-like residue the frame leaves.



Placement 2: Impressions Screen Print LTD; Company Profile

Company Profile:

Impressions Screen Print LTD are a professional garment printing and embroidery service that have been providing small dance schools to large companies such as supermarket chain, sports clubs and major events for the last 29 years. It is owned by husband and wife Steven and Paula and was originally started by Steven and his brother. The customer simply brings in a sketch or idea of what they want which is then rendered into a professionally finished garment. Using a traditional silk screen printing rather than transfer print which makes their garments last longer wear after wear.

There are currently 8 employees. This is the organisational structure;

organisational structure

Mission Statement/ aims and objectives: To provide a fast high quality turnaround and service to meet customer expectations.

My role in the company is a sewing machinist I am also involved in other manner of garment production i.e; packing, adding swing tags and folding. Some invoicing.

Day 1 of Placement



The first thing I did when I came in is check in my time card through the time checking machine, this enables the company directors and the accountant know what exact hours we have worked to know how much to pay us for instance if you did overtime.


I had a look around at spent about 15 minutes watching the screen printers print Cavern Club t-shirts that I was then going to sew labels on.

This is my work area this is the industrial sewing machine I am going to be using whilst I am on placement, as I use the industrial sewing machines in college this has trained me up to be able to go out and work in the real world on these sewing machines making me more qualified for these types of jobs as I would have struggled learning them from scratch otherwise and might not make the most of my placement.

I spent the most part of my day sewing the labels onto these black Cavern Club t-shirts this print is called ‘Stamp’ as it looks like a stamp. I had a lot of these so I had to sew as quick and efficient as I could and making sure they’re still neat and sewn straight. I got to box and invoice them all too it was good practice to know if I ever go into a business like that or in industry.


Then  I spent the rest of the day folding and packing the t-shirts with one of the company directors Paula.