Placement 1: College Fashion Show 2016

This year I took part in my college fashion show which involved the Level 2’s,3’s, my class of level 4, the level 5’s and the costume students. I helped by modelling and dressing as there wasn’t many of us who turned up out of our course and it was only me and another student modeled, we had a lot of work on our hands but we all worked well together as a team and worked with the level 5’s too helping them and vise versa. I helped dress students when I wasn’t modelling and I also helped with hair and make up.

It taught me about making sure to be organised as when you had your garments ready in order on the rails it was a lot easier for both you and the helpers as it was quicker to get dressed as you didn’t have to worry about finding the garment. I had to be really quick getting ready and being out on the runway or otherwise the garment wouldn’t be shown. Working and communicating with other students was important too as if someone had a quick change then you could switch so that they could go first and have time to change.

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