Evaluation of Project

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this project. At first I was a bit unsure as I am not a big fan of sportswear and it is not something I am interested in. I found my brand and designer quite quickly though as my designer was a couture designer I had a lot of work to be able to create a sports wear collection yet still incorporating his ascetics. I thought Adidas was the best brand to pick as it is a big brand and has done a lot of collaborations before I felt I could bring the culture, colour and glamour to Adidas and help boost Manish’s recognition, even though hes created trainers with Reebok before. I really researched deeply into the digital wave trend to help me know what trends to pick, I also looked at other elements of the trend and other collections related to the trend such as the male trend pack. I bought a lot of fabric samples which I fee also helped me to pick what trends I wanted to focus on. I feel I researched thoroughly and excellently. I looked at different places and also produced a lot of primary video. I looked at various collaborations and experimented well.

I feel I researched Manish and my brand well enough in order to come up with the right target market, concept and colour/texture boards. When developing a long this project I constantly had my customer in mind; Would they wear this? Would they buy that print? etc…  My colour/texture boards Manish well too as he uses a lot of tonal bright colours, metallics and enjoys playing with texture. My concept it more fashion sport and I feel I portrayed this really well in my collection you can clearly see the sport details but understand it is very glamorous.

I created plenty of prints and developed them I think I came up with very unique prints which really suited both my target market and designer they are fun and vibrant.  I struggled at first when creating prints as I just didn’t know what to do even though I have created prints before I still felt like I couldn’t create brilliant one but I feel this module has helped me develop my print making skills.

I am really happy with how most of my designs turned out I started to find it difficult after a while coming up with so many but even when creating when I wasn’t fond of I could use elements to create something I was extremely proud of. My designs are unique,feminine and also represent me as a designer, which I think it great that it incorporates me, the designer and the brand.

I also found my branding fairly easy at first I couldn’t think of any ideas so I just played with the famous stripes of Adidas and added Manish’s logo. My embroidery went wrong twice and next time I will make sure I get it done earlier so that I can make sure that it turns out right the first time. I also created printed card acetate for my accessory which suits my brand well it is also sophisticated.

My illustrations and line up are extremely original and quirky I think my designer would be easily recognized from these and I feel my final illustrations and line up reflect my designer too they are bright , interesting and eye catching. My whole collection turned out amazing you can see my inspiration, my collection is also cohesive featuring the same prints, colours, mesh and asymmetrical details. If I were to do it again I think I would spend more time on the project even though I feel I managed my time well I could have managed it better to get more work produced and research into my designer more, but this project has taught me how manage my time better.

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