New Project Proposal

Since developing my work I noticed my original project proposal doesn’t relate as much so I have decided to change it:

Project Proposal

The title of my project is Digital Wave. I am going to collaborate the Indian designer Manish Arora with the iconic brand Adidas. I have decided to focus on the ‘Contoured’, ‘Sensory Colour’, ‘Caged Construction’, ‘Mirror Mirror’ and ‘Power Dressing ‘elements of the Digital Wave trend.  My vision for my collection is fun, feminine and contemporary. I want my collection to be more fashion than function sportswear; it isn’t just for inside the gym. My collection will have a cultural influence based from the designers own heritage and inspiration. I would describe my collection as cultural, feminine and bold.

My target market is a woman who is fashion savvy, stylish, confident and in her 20’s or 30’s who prides themselves on their style. She is not wealthy but has a well-paid job and she always has money for her fashion splurges as she is an impulsive buyer. She has no children and is very career orientated she keeps up with the latest trends but has a passion for unique garments that not everyone could pull off.  She listens to indie-pop and reads Nylon magazine and business magazines, shops in mostly high street stores and occasionally shops high end; she also likes online shopping. She isn’t a very active but does have a gym membership and tries to go at least twice a week and when she does she always wears Adidas.

For primary research I am going to go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester to look at their technological and sensory exhibitions, I am also going to go to The Walker Art Gallery and The World Museum in Liverpool. I would also like to go to The Fact Museum in Liverpool for their technological exhibitions also. I am going to take lots of different pictures of buildings new an old and scaffolding as it reminds me of the contouring theme in the trend and feel I could get contouring inspiration and print inspiration from this. I will also be doing plenty of drawings which will also give me ideas for my prints and contouring, I want to experiment with paints to get different colour mixes and effects and glitch all my images. I also want to drape different ideas on to the stand using fabric and paper to get structure ideas and experiment with tape and binding on the stand to develop my primary photos and drawings. I am also thinking of looking at children’s toys as they often have sensory colours and sounds this might help me with my ideas of how I can work that in to my collection as I am looking at the ‘Sensory Colour’ theme of the trend. I want to look into sportswear shops like Adidas to see what’s on the market now and go cool hunting to see what people are wearing sportswear as fashion and how’re they’re wearing it. I am also using pinterest to create mood boards; I want to read books on sportswear and research designer sportswear collaborations.

My collection will be very feminine and take strong inspiration from the designers runway shows I will be using sequins and gems to reflect even more ascetic I will also be creating my own print as Arora uses a lot of print his main two colours are pink and gold which I will be injecting into my colour palette. I will also be creating fashion illustrations, videos and photo-shoot to help project my vision. I see my collection as bringing the couture, glamour and sparkle to Adidas.

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