More Fashion Illustrations

This illustration was made using hole punched butterflies, self-cut flowers and more butterflies all out of coloured paper, I also used ready made flowers and complied them all together to reflect the Afro hairstyle I have been used in my other illustration see here. I also sprinkled glitter and sequins on to bring in that Manish Arora aesthetic and painted an acrylic royal blue background. I could see this working well as a background but I its quite messy as an illustration.

illustration background.jpg


I used this transparent face that I found on packaging I then drew my outfit underneath.After that I lightly used water colour paint I painted it on in strips rather than colouring it in normally after it dried I sprayed silver spray paint, sprinkled glitter on the wet spray paint and stuck on two gems that I will also be using on my bomber jacket. I am really happy with this illustration but I think I will look better if I make the colours brighter and bolder to relate to my collection more and maybe add the hair from my illustration above or from my first fashion illustrations post.



I wanted to use coloured inks for this illustration but I didn’t have any so I used the next best thing I had…Tie Dye I simply splashed different coloured tie dyes on the page and tipped the page up so some of the dye could trickle down the page. After it was dry I drew a face inspired my collage again see here using acrylic black paint using a rounded paintbrush on its side which gave me more variation in line. Its really bright, colourful and vibrant I think it really shows the embodiment of my collection as it contains all the colours in my collection .



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