Noël Skrzypczak

This is a contemporary artist who uses paint as her medium to create her art work. The variation in line and mix of paint texture is inspired it reminds me of one of the digital wave themes ‘contouring’ which is a theme I am using. The use of colour is colourful but a bit paler than mine as mine will be bright but these are mostly the colours I will be using The kind of remind me ribbons and my multiple straps and the 5th image down has a sponge like feature painting on that reminds me of the mesh in my collection.

As said by Skrzypczak.N, Thedesignfiles, (2011)

“I’ve been making their origins in an idea I had when I was at art school, that I wanted to set paint free- free from the edges of the canvas and free from the dictatorship of the artist I was obsessed with flying and I wanted the paint to fly away, and not just look like it was u also to make us (the viewers)feel like we were flying too.”


Noël Skrzypczak-Mountain Painting #5: noël skrzypczak: noël skrzypczak:

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