Manish Arora Inspiration Board

I decided to collate a mood board on my designer Manish Arora to get some more ideas and make sure that I am keeping in with his aesthetic for my collection inspired by him. I found lots of inspiring images and feel they really relate well to my designs as I have used metallic’s, sequins, bomber jackets, colour, mesh dresses with undergarments on underneath and similar silhouettes. Why not follow me on Pinterest? Here


Fashion Illustrations

Creating these fashion illustrations has really helped me get my vision for my collection across.

I have never tried scanography before so I did a quick search on Pinterest and I found one of a person using sequins so I decided that fit my concept perfectly as Manish Arora using them a lot. I used the same sequins I will be using on my outfit which really helps to see my theme I feel. It turned out really well and fits in with my other illustrations it also shows my feminine colour palette.

This is one of my favourite illustrations it really captures the ascetic of my collection. I was inspired my the artist Maurizio Anzeri as he uses old photographs and stitch I decided to draw my own picture using pro markers, I then stitched around the hair of my pictures and entangled sequins on as I was stitching to incorporate them. I then also stitched around in a yellow and pink zig zag stitch to add more tone and colour to my image. Using a blue thread a sewn around my image in a messy style. I added more sequins and false eyelashes to give it a more dramatic, 3D and eye catching look.



My jacket in my outfit is metallic I wanted to use kitchen foil but I felt this was too thin so I used hairdressing foil this worked better as it was thicker, had better texture and wouldn’t rip. I also used gems to get my theme across.This gave me a great idea for a sample too. I really like the look of all the sequins as they’re really condensed so it possess that Manish Arora feel. I also added my head off the image illustration I then decided to develop my image by adding the stained glass filter this really reminded me sequins, I then decided to crystallize filter with 152 cell size so that it looks really big. I added the original image with the stained glass filter in the background I think this added more interest as i thought it looked to plain by itself.

lyndsey.m1_22-02-2016_15-03-51 (9)


I decided to do another collage using a photograph I drew the pattern of my fabric on her body and added some cut out foam shapes, I also used fine liner to outline and bring more impact. I didn’t wanna do too much on her face i just decided making her features more costume and unusual like would fit my theme i then carefully arranged more of my sequins to keep the consistency with my illustrations.



For this collage I collated all my images quite close and neat. I wanted to use images that fit in with my colour palette. I do find this is the weakest of all my illustrations and looks a bit amateur but I think I could make to work well by working on to it on Photoshop.

lyndsey.m1_22-02-2016_15-03-51 (3)


So far most of my illustrations have been collages so this time I decided to use fine liners and markers at first I drew my shoe in continuous line then I used colours in different areas and mixed them round I kept doing this until the shoe was mostly coloured in I also added shapes on my pants to resemble my print. this illustration is bold, vibrant and eye catching.

lyndsey.m1_22-02-2016_15-03-51 (8)


This is a mixed media technique I tried using a photograph, tissue paper and coloured card. I decided to use this two colours as they are my main two colours which my designer uses, I wanted to have some of the face showing in the middle and decided to use cut outs and draw little designs on my card to reflect my fabric print. Although I do believe this is good I feel it is a bit plainer than my other illustrations and don’t think there’s much relation to Manish Arora.



Fabric Manipulation

As Manish uses sequins, embroidery and fabric manipulation in his collections I decided I needed that too. I used embroidery on my swing tag samples and decided to  add sequins to my chosen print the fabric looks much more expensive and original with prints it makes it stand out and sparkle in the light. For the jacket I am creating out of my line up I decided to use a silver metallic fabric and wanted to add texture to it, I was inspired by my primary research I found a lot of square shapes and when creating my illustration (the one with the foil jacket) I was interested in how the foil moved and wanted to recreate a similar texture. I simply sewn straight stitch diagonally across the fabric and more straight stitches across the opposite side and added gems to the middles. I think this will make my jacket stronger and a stand out piece as it could have been boring and unoriginal otherwise.


Some of my prints I created, some development and my final print from start to sample. I was surprised at first as I did not expect to use this print as I thought it was a little dull until I mirrored it on Bags on Love it very vibrant, summery and ethic looking I am really proud of the prints I have managed to create I feel a lot more confident in creating prints than I have before and this project has given me the opportunity to do so.

Noël Skrzypczak

This is a contemporary artist who uses paint as her medium to create her art work. The variation in line and mix of paint texture is inspired it reminds me of one of the digital wave themes ‘contouring’ which is a theme I am using. The use of colour is colourful but a bit paler than mine as mine will be bright but these are mostly the colours I will be using The kind of remind me ribbons and my multiple straps and the 5th image down has a sponge like feature painting on that reminds me of the mesh in my collection.

As said by Skrzypczak.N, Thedesignfiles, (2011)

“I’ve been making their origins in an idea I had when I was at art school, that I wanted to set paint free- free from the edges of the canvas and free from the dictatorship of the artist I was obsessed with flying and I wanted the paint to fly away, and not just look like it was u also to make us (the viewers)feel like we were flying too.”


Noël Skrzypczak-Mountain Painting #5: noël skrzypczak: noël skrzypczak:


For my collaboration logo I wanted something colourful, feminine and bold. I created 10 designs manipulating the three famous Adidas stripes, I then picked my favourite and recreated it on Photoshop. I then added Manish Arora’s logo to the centre on the zig zag. I think my logo represents both my designer and brand I feel my logo would stand out amount other logos in shops and would be easily recognizable. I think it is well thought out and well designed.

Manish Adidas final logo