Life Drawing

Sports wear is focused on the body to to get an idea of the bodies natural form in proportion I created a series of life drawings and inspired some from some of the Digital Wave themes.

This drawing was creating using a sharpie it doesn’t have an exact set theme but I just wanted it to look fluid , have missing lines and show movement. I think it works well as I am happy with how it came out.

Life drawing 1

This drawing isn’t one of my favorites I feel its the weakest out of my other drawings. I used a graphite pencil and a HB pencil. I drew the image with the graphite and then crosshatched with the HB I think if the crosshatch was neater and smaller to actually create shadow and depth the drawing would be better.

life drawing 3

I used a sharp pencil for this one I think this look the way she has her hands on her head is an interesting pose the image looks delicate, and I find the fact that you can make out what the picture is even though it is not drawn that way appealing.

life drawing 5


I was inspired by digital maps and digital contouring I used a sharpie marker to draw the outline of the body first and drew lines to build up this image I found this difficult to do and even though I appreciate the boldest of this drawing I feel it could be more accurate and I should have solely built the image out of lines;possibly narrower lines, to make a better image.


For this image the model was wearing an usual mask I thought this worked well for me as she looks weirdly wonderful which fits in with my theme I also am fond of how dramatic it is. This was again done with pencil I think it could have been developed if i used more mixed media effects like using charcoal, ink and marker with a variation of weight of line could have created a stronger drawing 7

I adore the blackness and boldness of this drawing and the intensity and texture of line I think this one would work well with a splash of bright vibrant colours from my colour palette.

life drawing 8

I think the shading, depth and shadows are really brilliant on this I feel i got the shading in the right parts her body I used charcoal to create shade and added more strutted opaque lines by taking a more forced method by digging in the charcoal to make it dark. This would also look fantastic with our maybe splashes of coloured ink or photo shop filters.

life drawing 9

This drawing looks as if it was drawn on the computer I think that’s because I used a marker. I also used a fineliner to get a mixture of thin and thick lines. I could develop this my adding in my fabric, using collage to fill in sections with my prints.

life drawing 10

I drew the model of of ink and decided to inject colour,which reminded me of the sensory colour theme, with chalk pastels I also rubbed them in and blended them a little.This added movement and really brought in the sensory colour trend I felt it also kind of reminds me of traffic light i think that due to the primary colours

life drawing 11

The composition of this drawing, using ink, is eye catching as it is aligned to the right rather than right in the middle I think the big hat adds a dramatic edge to the drawing I also dripped a few watered down ink strips down the page to add glamour. I think this could be strong with my print as the background and maybe make the hat pink but leave everything else in its original state.

life drawing 12

Using masking tape I stuck it down in one vertical and a few horizontal strips which reminded me of the contouring and caged constructions I then used a red oil pastel to draw the model and after I finished drawing I threw splashes on yellow ink some of which soaked through to the masking tape so when I pulled it off some was left in the gaps. I found this to be captivating this drawing is different then all of my others and I feel it fits in with my bright theme.

life drawing 13


I used pointillism as my inspiration and technique for this image and I also referred back to sensory colour for the vibrant colours. I decided to focus on the parts of the models body rather than the details I decided to make my dots more messy rather than neat, again to bring in the movement like the moment when the flash goes off but you still see it a few seconds after. I would develop this with maybe a fire engine red isolated in certain sections of the model and maybe squares of colour outside of the drawing.

life drawing 14

This is probably one of the most detailed images out of all my drawings I was inspired by the drawing I found I cannot find it again but just so you are aware this is not my image and I do not claim any ownership, ownership is to its rightful owners. I found it quite hard to make my drawing similar I think was because I was not just going with it and rather thinking about it too much. I did two attempts at this I think the second one is a lot better.




life drawing 15life drawing 17

This one I was asked by my tutor as a warm up exercise to feel my face and draw what I feel rather than what I think  it turned out fascinating and would like to add sections of colour to my face inspired by Pablo Picasso’s cubism faces.

life drawing 16

For this drawing I was inspired by this image by Crawfurd Adamson he used charcoal and pastel to create this piece. I was inspired by his segrgation of colour in certian areas and with use of blank space and thick outlining you can clearly see how and were I have used his work to inspire me and I delighted with how it looks.

Crawfurd Adamson I charcoal & pastel: Life drawinganother

I find having a few drawings together creates a enthralling composition due to the different poses such as the front, back and sides rather than just all fronts adds dimension and shows how I have understood and expressed my visualization of the model. I could of added more shading to create more depth maybe add a filter on Photoshop.


Orginal Project Proposal

Project Proposal

The title of my project is Digital Wave. I am going to collaborate the Indian designer Manish Arora with the iconic brand Adidas. I have decided to focus on the ‘Contoured’ and ‘Sensory Colour’ elements of the Digital Wave trend.  My vision for my collection is fun, feminine and contemporary. I want my collection to be more fashion than function sportswear; it isn’t just for inside the gym. My collection will have a cultural influence based from the designers own heritage and inspiration. I would describe my collection as cultural, feminine and bold.

My target market is a woman who is fashion savvy, stylish, confident and in her 20’s or 30’s who prides themselves on their style. She is not wealthy but has a well-paid job and she always has money for her fashion splurges as she is an impulsive buyer. She has no children and is very career orientated she keeps up with the latest trends but has a passion for unique garments that not everyone could pull off.  She listens to indie-pop and reads Nylon magazine and business magazines, shops in mostly high street stores and occasionally shops high end; she also likes online shopping. She isn’t a very active but does have a gym membership and tries to go at least twice a week and when she does she always wears Adidas.

For primary research I am going to go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester to look at their technological and sensory exhibitions, I am also going to go to The Walker Art Gallery and The World Museum in Liverpool. I would also like to go to The Fact Museum in Liverpool for their technological exhibitions also. I am going to take lots of different pictures of buildings new an old and scaffolding as it reminds me of the contouring theme in the trend and feel I could get contouring inspiration and print inspiration from this. I will also be doing plenty of drawings which will also give me ideas for my prints and contouring, I want to experiment with paints to get different colour mixes and effects and glitch all my images. I also want to drape different ideas on to the stand using fabric and paper to get structure ideas and experiment with tape and binding on the stand to develop my primary photos and drawings. I am also thinking of looking at children’s toys as they often have sensory colours and sounds this might help me with my ideas of how I can work that in to my collection as I am looking at the ‘Sensory Colour’ theme of the trend. I want to look into sportswear shops like Adidas to see what’s on the market now and go cool hunting to see what people are wearing sportswear as fashion and how’re they’re wearing it. I am also using pinterest to create mood boards; I want to read books on sportswear and research designer sportswear collaborations.

Designer: Manish Arora


Manish Arora is one of the most celebrated and inspiring contemporary designers in the fashion world today.

He is known for his astute craftsmanship and unique play on colors, such as his trademark palette of PINK and GOLD. His designs are inspired by Indian heritage but with a contemporary vibe. It was in 1997, that the world first viewed Manish’s design aesthetic with the launch of his label ‘Manish Arora’. With this he grew from strength to strength gaining a devoted following in the fashion world, which finally led to Manish exhibiting at the London Fashion Week in 2005. In 2007, Manish showcased for the first time in Paris Fashion Week. He became a member of the distinguished French Federation of Pret-a-Porter the same year. Today, Manish sells his creations worldwide across prestigious stores such as Galleries Lafayette, Joyce and Beams. In 2011, Manish was appointed the Creative Director for Iconic French Fashion House ‘Paco Robanne’ where he designed two successful collections for them.Manish Arora has been toasted across the Fashion world with Fashion spreads in International magazines such as V Magazine, Interview, Vogue, Elle, Harpers, L’officiel & others.

He has also collaborated with eminent brands such as Walt Disney, Swarvoski, Swatch, Reebok, Barbie, Mono Prix, Nespresso, Nivea, MAC Cosmetics, Pommery, Amrapali amongst others.

His rich and colorful designs have been worn by bevy of international stars from Rihanna and Lady Gaga to M.I.A and Katy Perry.

In 2012, Manish arora joined hands with India’s biggest Women’s Ethic Wear Retail brand BIBA, to create a joint venture label “Indian by Manish Arora” to bring his sense of design and craftsmanship to Indian wear. In 2014, the brand opened its first flagship store in paris.

ManishArora, today, is one of the most vivacious and inspiring contemporary designerin fashion .With his prowess, he has sparkled in many parts of the world, and hence made a mark of his signature style which is a unique melange of colors and intricate craftsmanship. In 1997 Manish Arora opened thedoors to his world with launching his label Manish Arora. After 5successful years of showing in India, Manish exhibited his first collection onan international platform in 2005 at the London Fashion Week. Soon after which he was invited to showcase his debut collection at the Paris Fashion Week in September 2007 and is a member of the distinguished French federation, Chambre Syndicale du Prêt à Porter des Couturiers. Arora often refers to his own heritage for inspiration to create magic. In 2011 Manish was appointed as the creative director of Paco Rabanne , a french fashion house, and he designed two successful collections for them. His collections are sold globally through well known stores such as Galeries Lafayette, Joyce, Maria Luisa, Saks 5thAvenue , and now available even in the Brand’s first flagship storeon Rue Rouget de L’isle, Paris.

The press shows constant appreciation for Manish’swork, as it has received great coverage in some of the most respected mediachannels like – LOVE, V Magazine, Interview, Vogue, Elle,Harpers,, Fashion TV, to mention a few.

Manish Arora also has eminent collaborations underhis belt with Alcantara being the most recent one, preceded by Walt Disney,Swarovski, Swatch, Reebok, Barbie, Mono Prix, Nespresso, Nivea, MAC, Pommery& many more.

Manish’s styles have been adorned by distinguishedcelebrities & singers- Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Rossy de Palma, BethDitto .

Manish Arora’s religion is PINK and GOLD. His strongest values dwell in his natural DNA of colors that set free, and fierce embroideries.”Life is Beautiful” is his way of life and of thinking..whatever happens!